A unique, low-fear, fool-proof approach to sharing the gospel.

We want to make the Gospel easy to understand and we thought the best way to do that would be online video. primarily contains a twelve minute video presentation that uses visuals and testimony to clearly explain why Jesus came to the earth, why Christianity is true, as well as the consequences of not following Him.
We work hard creating printed materials, social media posts, and sketch comedy videos to direct people to Every view we get for this presentation is a potential person being impacted by life-changing truths and testimony.
It’s easy to get people to visit a website and people want to watch videos that are well-produced and clear. These facts remove one of the biggest obstacles to sharing the gospel: fear. Simply by sharing a link to a funny sketch comedy, or passing out a card with an interesting question and a website, you can spread the message of Jesus to anyone in your life.
If you haven’t done it yet, visit to see the presentation yourself. Ask us how to get some of our cards so you can participate in our goal to make Jesus clear to everyone. Also check below to see our latest sketch comedy and share it! Who would have thought that sharing a funny video could count for eternity?!